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Angling Mentality

Sam Stott

My take on day session angling may differ from the norm. My personal fishing sees me targeting larger waters with old special carp as a rule normally lower stock, sometimes busy sometimes not so busy.

I wanted to talk more about the mentality I feel that’s needed to be successful on the busier waters, not always just days sessions. This mentality can help on most sessions and most waters.

There are certain things I feel are more important to put fish on the bank... Firstly location, If you can get up early in the dark hours and get your walking boots on while everyone sleeps you can get around the lake. keep your eyes peeled and your ears open. I personally feel 95% of my captures come from looking.

It's like a police investigation; don’t leave any stone unturned, climb trees, check snags it's a process of elimination. If you know the carp are not in this area then you can rule it out. The smallest patch of fizz may lead to an opportunity for a special carp. You cannot catch carp that are not in front of you. Location always has to be number one in my opinion.

Once you have located a group of fish it's important not to rush in with whatever is set up on your rods from the last session. Take the time to observe them, the route they are swimming, the way they are showing, whether a floater or zig might be the best course of action. A chod rig in the weed or a small trap in the edge. Once you’ve decided on a plan, then what next...

Personally, I believe organisation is an important key to success. Strip down your gear as much as possible, a small rucksack, and a couple of rods for a day session. This enables you to be able to pack down and move onto signs of feeding carp as soon as possible. Get bait prepped in advance ... you don’t need much. Sometimes a single hookbait on a patrol route is all you need.

Don’t be lazy before your session, get some spare rigs tied up, try and have a few for different situations covered. Zig, chod, bottom bait never leave the floater gear at
home ... season depending of course. A tip for floater fishing if there is an opportunity and the birds are being a nightmare which we all know they can, feed them off in your near margin or away from the feeding carp. Sometimes this can sneak you that all-important bite.

Lastly, I’d like to say enjoy your angling have fun with it, respect other anglers and the beautiful environment around you it's nice to be nice.